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Posted on: September 23, 2008 7:14 pm

Danger Looms...Playoffs Needed to Divert Disaster

Danger...Danger....Danger....the BCS will fail this year!

Right now, it is foreseeable that we could have 6 un-defeated teams come December. USC (PAC-10), Boise State (WAC), BYU (Mt. West), the SEC Champ - GA, FL, LSU or possibly AL, OU (Big 12) and Big 12 Champ - Penn St. or Wisconsin.

So the question is, with only 2 spots for the National Title game, who gets in? Of course everyone will say the SEC Champ, if they go un-defeated should automatically get a free pass to Miami, so that leaves 1 spot..just one for 5 teams that could be un-defated. So who do you give that other ticket too?

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